Three Restaurants In Lafayette LA That Will Show You A Good Time

Three Restaurants In Lafayette LA That Will Show You A Good Time

Three Restaurants In Lafayette LA That Will Show You A Good Time

Have you had the privilege of staying in or traveling through Lafayette LA? One of my friends lives there, and I have been through there a few times. Louisiana in general is known for some great food, and Lafayette is home to some excellent restaurants. As you plan out your itinerary with things to do, let me help out a little by pointing you in the direction of three top restaurants in Lafayette LA.

Pamplona Tapas Bar & Grill is one great suggestion, and you will find this tapas restaurant on Jefferson Street. Have you ever tried duck fat fries? Grab some friends or eat there with family and share all kinds of delicious foods. That is what makes tapas restaurants so much fun, and of course this establishment features some of the best food in Lafayette.

Next up is Louisiana Crawfish Time, and you are in for a treat. Located on Verot School Road, Louisiana Crawfish Time serves up cajun cuisine at its finest. The food is going to be a little spicy, but you have to expect that. You should also expect this restaurant to be a little busy. It’s not fine dining, so you can forget about reservations. You are going to have to just smile and wait, but this is a place you want to visit.

Pizza Artista is a great pick, too, perhaps the best pizza place in Lafayette. It is located on Johnston Street, and you are talking about quality ingredients, local flavors and the best specialty pizzas that money can buy. This isn’t your average pizza experience because at this establishment, pizza is a work of art.

If you stop by these three restaurants in Lafayette, you will have had a great introduction to the best foods in Lafayette. Don’t leave without trying crawfish. And don’t eat pizza without trying out how they make it in Lafayette at Pizza Artista.

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